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acts as a private consultant to individuals with a variety of possible questions or problems.  

TWC can be hired for a brief consultation or a lengthy project:

      Creators (Grantors) of trusts who seek advice on selecting a trustee

      Helping those planning their estate to determine the best means

of distributing assets to their heirs

      Beneficiaries of a trust who want guidance in dealing with their trustee, whether an individual or a corporate trustee

      Those needing help interpreting their trust document, whether

as a grantor of a trust or as a beneficiary

      Individuals who have been asked to serve as a trustee and want

advice on their responsibilities and liability

      Those contemplating taking legal action against a fiduciary

(trustee, personal representative or guardian)

      Individuals presently serving as a trustee who need support at any level, from interpreting their responsibilities to fully managing the trust

and ensuring a proper audit trail of all decisions and actions

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